W117 aims to change construction procurement and stakeholder organizations worldwide through the use of the information-based Best Value Approach (BVA). The stakeholders of the W117 technology are the stakeholders in the entire supply chain. Their vision is simple: lower project costs, higher project value, higher performance and higher profits. The major requirements of the research effort is to document the technology in a way that fits the culture of the country. The results of the technology are so dominant, that the newer countries are adopting the approach with very few modifications.


Latest Journal Issue

Jacob S. Kashiwagi

Sicco Santema

Volume 9, Issue 2
December 2016
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Important Dates:

March 2nd – Deadline to Submit for JAPIV 10.1

W117 Board Meeting

  • April 4, 3pm.
  • The Netherlands

Annual CIB Council Meeting

  • June 5-10
  • Poland

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