CIB W117 (formerly TG61) is a working commission of CIB that researches performance measurement in construction.


  • Exploration of the optimal uses of performance information in the built environment.
  • Create a worldwide resource or ”center” of knowledge of proven methods for implementing and sustaining performance metrics in an organization and industry.
  • Create and catalog performance measurements for many countries by engaging researchers and practitioners worldwide.
  • Improve membership of the commission and the wider CIB community.
  • To be a forum for innovative, proactive, and progressive clients, industry practitioners, and academics to drive forward the knowledge and use of performance information and value in construction and related services and as a portal to learn from each other. The group strives to be a bringer of change, based upon 14 years of testing in construction performance, to push the industry away from commoditization and low performance and into an environment of measurement and value.
  • To identify and compile a list of experts, documents, case studies, and research on the use of performance information in the delivery of construction in each major country or area of the world.
  • To highlight the use and impact of performance measurement in each country in both a CIB commissioned and sponsored journal and a CIB “living document” to allow clients, professionals, contractors, and researchers to quickly identify experts and their work with performance information around the world.
  • To proactively educate and assist government and private construction clients to change from a price based buying to value based buying using performance information.
  • To blend the contributions of academia, construction clients, major general contractors, subcontractors, design/engineering professionals, and researchers, to change the delivery of construction processes from price based to a more efficient and profitable delivery system which uses value (performance information and price).
  • To document, create, and implement performance information to minimize construction risk.