Past Performance Information: Analysis of the Optimization of a Performance Evaluation Criteria

Authors: Kenneth T. Sullivan, Ph.D., M.B.A. and John Savicky, M.S.



Performance information has been defined as “the set of metrics used to quantify both the
efficiency and effectiveness of actions (Neely 1995).” From this definition, past performance
information can be extrapolated to entail those metrics that consider the effectiveness of past or
previous actions. Within value-based procurement methodologies, the use of past performance
information as an evaluation criteria is common; however, the optimal use, method, specific
criteria, and collection techniques vary widely across clients and buyers. This paper presents a
history and evolution of the use of past performance information within a specific procurement
and project delivery process called the Performance Information Procurement System (PIPS). It
also includes an analysis of the modifications made, an analysis of the effort required for the
inclusion of past performance information as a selection criteria as calculated from the procurer’s
perspective, and an analysis of a new methodology of a vendor driven collection process as
compared to a buyer driven collection process.

Keywords: performance information, value based selection, performance metrics, past
performance information.