The Alpha Certification Program

The Alpha Program is a professional certification program which is operated by The International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB) W117 working commission. The Alpha Program has been collecting, inspecting and documenting the performance of roofing contractors for over 25 years. This program is for the elite group of contractors that have proven with years of documented performance that they provide the highest level of quality in the roofing industry.

There are strict requirements that all alpha certified contractors must meet before being admitted into the Alpha Program. The requirements are based on 25 years of studying the SPF roofing industry and identifying the requirements for installing problem free SPF roof systems. We encourage all contractors to meet the requirements of our program to join an elite group of performance driven experts.


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Alpha Certification Requirements

If you are interested in applying for the program, review the requirements below to see if you would qualify for the program:

  • Roof Inspections once every two years (minimum of 25 roofs)
  • Annually submit all roofs installed over 5,000 SF
  • 98% of roofs are not currently leaking
  • 98% customer satisfaction for surveyed roofs
  • Respond to leaks within 7 days of notification
  • Documented high performance with roofs over 5,000 SF of at least 10 years

Application Process

The Alpha Certification program has an open application process to any contractor that would like to submit. This program will require new applicants to go through a strenuous review process, which will take up to a year. It will include an initial investigation fee of $5K by a contractor, and a complete review of their projects and project performance.

  1. Before submitting an application, review all requirements and verify that you meet all requirements to be admitted into the program.
  2. Gather your documentation to show your company’s high performance with roofs over 5,000SF for at least 10 years. * Make sure to include references that can be checked.
  3. Fill out the Application Form (It should take 5-10 mins to fill out the form).
  4. Wait for a response to continue the application process.

For further questions and information: Joseph Kashiwagi – Alpha Program Coordinator or call us at 480.256.8437