Certified Alpha Contractors

The Alpha Program does a full inspection and review on the performance of each certified contractor. The documentation can be found below with the information for each contractor.


  1. Insulated Roofing Contractors

Insulated Roofing Contractors

Performance Metrics:


No Criteria Unit 2021
1 Percent of satisfied customers % 100%
2 Oldest job surveyed Years 43
3 Average age of jobs inspected Years 13
4 Total job area inspected SF 2,134,680
5 Percent of jobs that do not leak % 100%
6 Percent of jobs completed on time % 100%
7 Total number of jobs inspected                    (every two years) # 50
8 Total number of roof inspections               (every two years) # 10

Alpha Requirements:

Description Alpha Requirement IRC Performance
Roof inspections Once every two years  June 2021 [Summary]
Submission of roofs installed Submitted Annually  Submitted Annually
Roofs not currently leaking 98% 100%
Customer satisfaction for surveyed roofs 98% 100%
Response time to leaks 7 days within notification 1 day within notification
Years of documented performance 10 years 22 years

Aerial View of Commercial Property Roof (100,000 SF – 2016)

Contact Information:

Wayne Hampton

Regional V.P. of Sales

Office (812) 206-7700

Website: https://www.ircroof.com/

Corporate Address:

326 Mt. Tabor Road

New Albany, Indiana 47150