Working Comission W117: Performance Measurement in Construction

Editorial Board


Dean T. Kashiwagi, PhD, P.E., IFMA Fellow, Fulbright Scholar

Co-Chair, W117 Performance Measurement in Construction

Director, Performance Based Studies Research Group

Adjunct Professor, SKEMA Business School

United States of America


Jacob Kashiwagi, PhD

Research Director, Performance Based Studies Research Group

United States of America

Journal Coordinator

Nguyen Le, PhD

Project Engineer, MWH Constructors

United States of America

Countries Represented
63 +
Academic Researchers
Industry Partners


Ass. Prof. T. Maqsood : RMIT University : Australia
Dr. M. A. Khalfan : RMIT University : Australia
Gurmu : Deakin University : Australia
Mr. J. Harare : SKEMA Business School : Canada
Mr. Ward : AIBC : Canada
Ms. A. Fung : Hong Kong Housing Authority : China-Hong Kong
Dr. P-C. Liao : Tsinghua University : China-PR
Prof. I. Zavrski : University of Zagreb : Croatia
Mr. N.H. Bertelsen : SBi – Danish Building Research Institute : Denmark
Dr. E. Witt : TUT – Tallinn University of Technology – School of Engineering : Estonia
Dr. T. Häkkinen : VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland : Finland
Dr. Ir. Z. Hamid : Construction Research Institute of Malaysia : Malaysia
Mr. C. Fah Choy : Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman : Malaysia
Prof. Dr. S. Santema : Delft University of Technology : Netherlands
Ass. Prof. L. Rotimi : Massey University : New-Zealand
Mr. K. Okenyi : SKEMA Business School : Nigeria
Mr. P. Zejer : URS Corporation : Poland
Mr. N.M. Almeida : IST–ID : Portugal
Mr. M. Gharbi : SKEMA Business School : Qatar
Dr. Y. Alhammadi : Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University : Saudi Arabia
Dr. Bon-Gang Hwang : National University of Singapore : Singapore
Mr. H. Visser : University of South Africa : South-Africa
Dr. Y. Sandanayake : University of Moratuwa : Sri-Lanka
Ds. Y. Chen : Kashiwagi Solution Model Incorporated : The Netherlands
Mr. E. Mars : Mars Inkoopadvies : The Netherlands
Mr. P. Evertz : SKEMA Business School : The Netherlands
Ms. J. Lempers : Best Value Verkoop : The Netherlands
Mr. D. Loukas : SKEMA Business School : United-Arab-Emirates
Dr. B. Gledson : Northumbria University : United-Kingdom
Mr. M. Ayo-Adejuyigbe : University of Huddersfield : United-Kingdom
Prof. A. Lee : University of Huddersfield : United-Kingdom
Prof.Dr. D.J. Greenwood : Northumbria University : United-Kingdom
Dr. A. Rivera : Leadership Society of Arizona : United-States
Dr. D. Castro-Lacouture : Georgia Tech : United-States
Dr. D. Gajjar : Clemson University : United-States
Dr. I. Kashiwagi : Kashiwagi Solution Model Incorporated : United-States
Dr. J. Gunnoe : Leadership Society of Arizona : United-States
Dr. N. Le : MWH Constructors : United-States
Mr. D.G. Krassa : MWH Constructors : United-States
Mr. J. Kashiwagi : SKEMA Business School : United-States


  • Exploration of the optimal uses of performance information in the built environment.
  • Create a worldwide resource or ”center” of knowledge of proven methods for implementing and sustaining performance metrics in an organization and industry.
  • Create and catalog performance measurements for many countries by engaging researchers and practitioners worldwide.
  • Improve membership of the commission and the wider CIB community.
  • To be a forum for innovative, proactive, and progressive clients, industry practitioners, and academics to drive forward the knowledge and use of performance information and value in construction and related services and as a portal to learn from each other. The group strives to be a bringer of change, based upon 14 years of testing in construction performance, to push the industry away from commoditization and low performance and into an environment of measurement and value.
  • To identify and compile a list of experts, documents, case studies, and research on the use of performance information in the delivery of construction in each major country or area of the world.
  • To highlight the use and impact of performance measurement in each country in both a CIB commissioned and sponsored journal and a CIB “living document” to allow clients, professionals, contractors, and researchers to quickly identify experts and their work with performance information around the world.
  • To proactively educate and assist government and private construction clients to change from a price based buying to value based buying using performance information.
  • To blend the contributions of academia, construction clients, major general contractors, subcontractors, design/engineering professionals, and researchers, to change the delivery of construction processes from price based to a more efficient and profitable delivery system which uses value (performance information and price).
  • To document, create, and implement performance information to minimize construction risk.

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