Best Value Procurement Results within the GSA

Authors: John Savicky (Arizona State University), (MS), Dean T. Kashiwagi (Arizona State University), (PhD, PE), (MS), Kristen C. Barlish (Arizona State University), (MS), Kenneth Sullivan (Arizona State University), (PhD)



A large government agency, seeking to become more efficient, implemented the Performance Information Procurement System (PIPS) Best Value (BV) process on various construction projects to determine if the program could increase the performance of outsourced services. The impact of this model for increasing the performance of procured projects is presented. The environment of the projects and testing of the process were unique, as they allowed concurrent testing and validation of multiple projects, similar in scope, and uniform application of key performance metrics. A case study is also used to illustrate the overall performance of the BV process. The findings in this paper show that the process resulted in approximately a 60% increase in performance with regards to customer satisfaction, project delays, and cost increases. In an industry with delays in excess of 20-50%, a model that results in an increase of performance for outsourced services is significant.

Keywords: PIPS, GSA, Best Value, Case Study, Performance Results