Case Study: Use of Best Value Process for Inspection and Preventive Maintenance of Pumping Stations

Authors: Jannie Koster-Robaard


The water board Velt en Vecht is a Best Value (BV) client who used the Performance Information Procurement System (PIPS) process to select professional services in 2012. The client had a procurement mission of integrity, transparency, objectivity, and non-discrimination that aligned them with the BV PIPS system. With a strategic plan of leadership instead of management and control, the water board is an example of a visionary owner that can be successful with BV PIPS. Lessons learned from the water board implementation of PIPS are that BV PIPS is a change of paradigm, even for a visionary owner. Both the owner who selects and the contractors who compete for the award must learn the new paradigm of minimized decision making, proactive planning, and risk management.

Keywords: Best Value Procurement, the Netherlands, PIPS, Water board Velt en Vecht, pumping stations, inspection and preventive maintenance