Informal Projects Management with Volunteers Participation

Authors: Marek Wirkus (Gdansk University of Techology), (PhD, Engineering)



The article briefly presents some experiences and results of research which has
been conducted in order to identify key elements influencing the success of
projects managed in informal way with volunteers’ participation. These
experiences were collected during the realization of several “soft” projects. The
general aims of these projects were sports competitions’ organisation, cultural
events and charity projects for big groups of people. Within research of project
management, the following issues were discussed: the project area of activity and
function possible to make by volunteers, the rules of volunteers employment in
project, factors describing key elements influencing the success of projects
including: the trust as the base of informal projects management, wide-understand
communication, cooperation and team work. Project risk, reporting and controls of
project execution and the role and element of project culture as elements
influenced on project success are also discussed.

Keywords: project management, volunteers, participation.