Post Construction Quality Evaluation – A Manufacturer’s Use of the End User to Minimize Risk

Authors: Dhaval Gajjar (Arizona State University), Kenneth T. Sullivan (Arizona State University),
(PhD, MBA), and Dean T. Kashiwagi (Arizona State University), (PhD, Fulbright Scholar,


A roofing manufacturer is motivated to increase accountability, minimize risk and differentiate themselves
from other manufacturers to increase their sales. In order to achieve this, the manufacturer approached the
research group to implement a warranty program that measures the performance information of their
systems and applicators. The manufacturer submits a list of warranted jobs to the researchers, researchers
perform a satisfaction check by calling the end users and report back to the manufacturer. Concepts utilized
by the manufacturer include the use of warranty to ensure performance decreases risk, transparency is the
best way to mitigate risk and risk can be mitigated before it happens. The research revealed that warranty
program minimizes the risk for manufacturer and clients and helps differentiates the manufacturer by
identifying end users that are not satisfied, applicators that are low performing, jobs that are leaking,
customer retention rate and having a running log of satisfaction rating for every warranted job.

Keywords: end user, manufacturer, performance information, risk, warranty