A New Approach to Impacting the Construction Industry

Authors: David Gastelum


Construction industry performance (schedule, budget, and customer satisfaction) has not improved over the last 20 years. This investigation proposes that academic/industry research using actual project data may have more impact on improving industry performance than traditional survey-based research. The authors utilize the CIB and CIB W117 platforms to proliferate the concept of academic/industry test results to increase the impact on the construction industry. The authors propose to use the existing journal and then share the journal papers on an online platform (ResearchGate.net) ensuring a faster proliferation of the key academic/industry test results into the academic research community. The mechanism of the academic/industry test results will have more of an impact on industry practices than the traditional publication systems, which concentrate on literature reviews and surveys to collect industry opinions and analyze the information to change industry practices. The proliferation of industry research results will create transparency in the construction industry and the academic research community.

Keywords: Academic research/industry tests, Industry testing, Performance.