Introducing the Best Value Quality Checklist in Procurement

Authors: Jorn Verweij and Dean Kashiwagi (PhD, P.E.)


The Best Value Approach (BVA) is a change in paradigm, replacing the non-experts decision making, management, direction, control (MDC) and thinking with the utilization of expertise. The best known BVA model is the Best Value Procurement model (BVP). With the further proliferation of BVP, a growing number of tenders are labelling themselves as “Best Value” without adhering to proper BVA practices. These “hybrid” tenders produce discouraging results, and have a detrimental effect on the wider proliferation of BVA and BVP. An easy-to-use tool is proposed that requires no BVA expertise to assess whether a tender is in fact run as a BV tender, and which may be used to avoid or minimize decision making. A “BV Quality Checklist in Procurement” is established by applying first principles to the Pre-Qualification, Selection and Clarification phase. The three phases have been analyzed with the focus on avoiding all types of decision making resulting in 21 checks. Using the checklist it can be assessed whether a tender procedure is a BV tender. The checklist can also assist in avoiding decision making in the tender process. The approach used here may furthermore be applied in other fields than procurement.

Keywords: Best Value Procurement, TONNNO, public procurement, checklist.