Application of the Best Value Approach in Procuring ERP Services in a Traditional ICT Environment

Authors: Isaac Kashiwagi (Msc), Dean Kashiwagi (PhD, Fulbright Scholar,
PE), Len Gambla


The ICT industry has struggled with performance for years. Tools, processes, and techniques have been
developed in attempts to improve performance, however, the level of performance has not significantly
improved. The Best Value Approach has been proposed to increase both the procurement and execution of
ICT projects. This researches focus is to further test, explore and confirm the claims associated with the Best
Value Approach and its applicability in the ICT industry. Using case study research, the Best Value Approach
was used in the selection of an ERP vendor for a client organization. The research findings confirm the claims
of the Best Value Approach to be accurate in terms of being simpler, quicker, lower costing, requiring little
expertise from the client and delivering an understandable, non-technical plan including detailed schedule,
milestone schedule, and schedule that identifies all stakeholder activity.
Keywords: ICT Industry, performance, Best Value Approach.