Case Study of a Local Government Organization’s IT Project Implementation

Dean T. Kashiwagi, Jacob S. Kashiwagi


The delivery of services to government groups have historically been unsatisfactory. Multiple studies have identified these services as low performing. Studies have also found that information communication technology services have been one of the worst performing services over the last 10 years. The Performance Based Studies Research Group (PBSRG) has been testing a delivery model, called the Best Value Approach, for the last 20 years that can ensure government groups receive high performing services. The major issue that the BVA approach encounters is it requires the organization to change their normal way of delivering services. It requires the organization to minimize their management, direction, and control of the vendors and instead, utilize their expertise. This paper will review a case study with a local government organization (LGO) and their issues with trying to apply the BVA to deliver their Peoplesoft software.