The Best Value Approach in Facility Management: A Case on Cleaning-Related Services

Violette Krouwel


Since Best Value was first introduced in the Netherlands in 2005 several tender procedures have been conducted following this approach, however, most documented cases have been within construction. As there is a lack of documented cases of the BVA in areas outside of construction in the Netherlands, this researches focus is to further test, explore and confirm the claims associated with the Best Value Approach and its applicability in the Facility Management (FM) industry. Using case study research, the Best Value Approach (BVA) was used to procure cleaning-related services for the Facility Management department of an organization in the energy sector. The research findings confirmed the applicability of the BVA in the FM industry through the successful identification of an FM expert supplier as the best value for the lowest cost. The results additionally confirmed the BVA to being more efficient, improve supplier risk migration measures and give a clearer view of the accepted project scope.